Thursday, January 20, 2011

They have found their owners!

Hello everyone! Each and every design is unique so there is no surprise we choose only one that was created only for us (even if you buy something in a big store :))! And I'm happy to introduce few designs that've already found their owners as they match each other perfectly! Each and every design has a story about an inspiration. And what about you? Which design is absolutely yours? Find out in my shop.
Have a nice day!
A story about how dangerous things like natural lava can be use as an unigue part for everyday or special mometns

Do you like dance? They will dance with you!

One of a kind! As they were made with lemon quartz and you'll never find the same stones!

One of a kind! They remind me early summer morning when leaves are covered by dew drops....

We all had dreams about to have something magic... and here we are.. with magic clouds that will spread magical rays around you and will set you apart from the crowd!


  1. Amazing creations!!! I love it when each creation has a story and inspiration behind it...

  2. I love your work! Congratulations! Lu

  3. Your work is great, so are your pics!


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