Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ho Ho Ho or Santa's coming!

I'm a proud memeber of two teams on Etsy: Europeanstreetteam and Russian Artists. And both of them have a pretty nice game - Secret Santa! It means you make a gift for someone secretly and someone does the same for you. So it's always exciting to open the package with a gift! And this year I have two Santas - one from Europeanstreetteam and another one from Russian Artists so will have two secret gifts!!!
And I also want to share the pics of gifts I've made for girls from teams. I am sorry guys but I can't tell you which one is for Europeanstreetteam and which one is for Russian Artists..... That's just a secret ))))))

Silver plated earrings (silver ear wires) with green quartz

Long necklace with natural stones
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