Tuesday, January 18, 2011

There is always a way to try something new!

Hello everyone! Today I wanna share a story that happened to me recently. As all girls I love shopping!!!!!! But the problem is sometimes it's too hard to find something original in shops ((((( But if you know some sites with handmade things the issue becomes more achievable. )

I wanted to buy a new beret and found a nice one in this shop Ekaterina Markus. I've written to the seller and as she lives in Germany asked Is it possible to get the beret before New year? She wasn't sure about it but she offered me another option - come to her master class in January (as she comes to Moscow in January) and make my own beret! And she also gave me another idea - make handpainted silk design that I'll be able to use for my beret. It was such a great idea so of course I said - YES!!!!

It was my first experience with felting and now I know it's easier than I've though! So I've got my new beret with two different designs inside and outside and I'm absolutely happy!!!! Not because I've got a new beret but because I've tried something new and even I'll never felt anything in the future anyway I know I can do it!


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