Friday, January 21, 2011

New luxury

Hello everyone! I've been listening an interview with a man who works in PR industry this morning. He is about 50 year old and as I understood he achieved a pretty high postion in this business. Unfortunatelly I don't know his name as I turned my radio on not in the begining. But I wanna tell you his opinion about new luxury.
Right now almost all of us spend a lot of time at offices, we work late and almost don't have time for our own life. So the new luxury is .... silence.... a possibility to lie due the day (as we sit almost the whole day).... possibility to work from home or another place as we have more modern gadgets right now...

I'm absolutely agree with this opinion... We spend too much time for work that doesn't bring us joy and hapinnes... so the idea also - you have to love your work or it'll be just a way to earn money for living... But who will need you if you spend all you time at your office?

Friend of mine told me yesterday - I know you have to work for a living but really I want to go to the island and work for myself!  And I think there are a lot of people who have the same wish right now! Probably they're just affraid to start something new as you understand you will relay only on yourself. But you always can relay only on yourself! So I wish you all new start if you really want it and I wish you to find new luxury in your life - be yourself! Do what you love to do! And find a place where you will feel happy! Find new luxury for your life - as no one will do it for you!


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