Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Moodboard 'I'm ready to travel! Just waiting for tickets!'

Hello everyone! Today air smells so spring! So blue sky and shiny sun! I'm ready to travel right now and just waiting for tickets for an airplane that takes me away to somewhere where the sky is more blue and the weather is more warm than here.





Friday, January 28, 2011

Curd (cottage cheese) pie

Here is two ways to cook this pie - with or without a meringue. That's up to you as both ways are simple and tasty ))) If you prefer the pie without the meringue you can use egg white for cook macaroons.

1 cup flour (my cup is about 160 gr)
1 tea spoon soda or baking powder (I use lemon to slake soda)
80 gr butter
2 table spoons sugar
1 egg yellow
vanilla (I use vanilla sugar)
1-2 table spoon cold water

500 gr curd (cottage cheese) (no less than 9%)
0.5 cup sugar (about 125 gr sugar)
100 gr sour cream (I use 20%)
3 eggs yellow
1,5 table spoon semolina
vanilla (I use vanilla sugar)
lemon zest

3 eggs white
5 table spoons sugar powder (I use less maybe 2-3)

Cut butter with flour, baking powder and sugar. Add egg yellow, cold water and knead dough fast. Than put it into a fridge for 30 min. 
Mix well curd, sour cream, eggs yellow, sugar, vanilla, lemon zest, semolina.
Preheat an oven to 180 C. Grease a baking pan by butter and powder with flour. Roll out the paste, put into the baking pan, stub the paste by fork and bake 5 min. Than put the curd mass above paste and bake about 30 min (170 C).
Whip egg white with sugar into a froth. Put the meringue above curd mass and bake 10-15 min (120 C)

If you don't use meringue you can add some chocolate above the curd mass when the pie will be ready - you can use a chocolate cream (100 gr dark chocolate, 20 gr butter and 100 ml cream 33%) or just rub some chocolate on the surface.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Moodboard 'Let's rock!'

Today's moodboard was inspired by rock group Hinder and their songs. As soon as they will have a show near me I'll buy a ticket as I've already found a perfect outfit. So do you love rock as I do?




Sunday, January 23, 2011

Be carefull with your dreams, they come true!

All my life I had a dream - have a dog. And to be honest I still have this dream.... I've been dreaming about different dogs like German Shepherd dog or Collie or Giant Schnauzer. For alst few years it was Yorkshire Terrier )))) yea it looks pretty weird as my taste has been changing many times )))) I also likes Dachshund maybe because my cousin has an adorable dachshund. His name is Shanya and his is so amazing!!!!!!!! I really love him!

And my cousin visited me yesterady and told me a sad story about a girl who has a dog and she doesn't care of him properly. My cousin likes dogs and she is very kind person so of course she wanna to buy this dog and then give him to a good person or sell him to someone good. And she asked me - Do you wanna a dog? He is about 4-5 months and he looks like .......

Milo from The Mask movie!!!!!!!
Jack Russell Terrier

Yes here are still questions  - what if those girl will not agree to sell her puppy? Am I sure I want it right now? And all those questions about food, drugs etc... )))) I'm hesitating as that's a big responsibility and I know myself I won't be able to leave him or not care properly as I always wanted a dog.... So I want it and at the same time I don't know....

Friday, January 21, 2011

New luxury

Hello everyone! I've been listening an interview with a man who works in PR industry this morning. He is about 50 year old and as I understood he achieved a pretty high postion in this business. Unfortunatelly I don't know his name as I turned my radio on not in the begining. But I wanna tell you his opinion about new luxury.
Right now almost all of us spend a lot of time at offices, we work late and almost don't have time for our own life. So the new luxury is .... silence.... a possibility to lie due the day (as we sit almost the whole day).... possibility to work from home or another place as we have more modern gadgets right now...

I'm absolutely agree with this opinion... We spend too much time for work that doesn't bring us joy and hapinnes... so the idea also - you have to love your work or it'll be just a way to earn money for living... But who will need you if you spend all you time at your office?

Friend of mine told me yesterday - I know you have to work for a living but really I want to go to the island and work for myself!  And I think there are a lot of people who have the same wish right now! Probably they're just affraid to start something new as you understand you will relay only on yourself. But you always can relay only on yourself! So I wish you all new start if you really want it and I wish you to find new luxury in your life - be yourself! Do what you love to do! And find a place where you will feel happy! Find new luxury for your life - as no one will do it for you!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

They have found their owners!

Hello everyone! Each and every design is unique so there is no surprise we choose only one that was created only for us (even if you buy something in a big store :))! And I'm happy to introduce few designs that've already found their owners as they match each other perfectly! Each and every design has a story about an inspiration. And what about you? Which design is absolutely yours? Find out in my shop.
Have a nice day!
A story about how dangerous things like natural lava can be use as an unigue part for everyday or special mometns

Do you like dance? They will dance with you!

One of a kind! As they were made with lemon quartz and you'll never find the same stones!

One of a kind! They remind me early summer morning when leaves are covered by dew drops....

We all had dreams about to have something magic... and here we are.. with magic clouds that will spread magical rays around you and will set you apart from the crowd!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

There is always a way to try something new!

Hello everyone! Today I wanna share a story that happened to me recently. As all girls I love shopping!!!!!! But the problem is sometimes it's too hard to find something original in shops ((((( But if you know some sites with handmade things the issue becomes more achievable. )

I wanted to buy a new beret and found a nice one in this shop Ekaterina Markus. I've written to the seller and as she lives in Germany asked Is it possible to get the beret before New year? She wasn't sure about it but she offered me another option - come to her master class in January (as she comes to Moscow in January) and make my own beret! And she also gave me another idea - make handpainted silk design that I'll be able to use for my beret. It was such a great idea so of course I said - YES!!!!

It was my first experience with felting and now I know it's easier than I've though! So I've got my new beret with two different designs inside and outside and I'm absolutely happy!!!! Not because I've got a new beret but because I've tried something new and even I'll never felt anything in the future anyway I know I can do it!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Moodboard 'I'm looking for spring!'

I like winter but only with sun and without too cold weather! And we have sun today but a bit cold -17 so I'm looking for spring! And dreaming about a lovely walk....

Looking at amazing spring flowers.... from sunshineartdesign

Soft luxury merino wool scarf from manonknits will keep me warm...

My sparkle earrings from daimblond will spread shining rays....

And I know I won't be alone!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My craft space for today

Well I have two craft spaces - one in front of my comp ))) just because I can't move the comp somewhere else ))) and on a kitchen. And as I created new earrings yesterday and didn't have an inspiration to create more jewelry today I've spent some time on the kitchen and changed a recipe I've read on my favorite forum Turkey-info. In the original recipe you have to use a jam but I've just cutted apples to small pieces, added sugar and that's it! The filling is ready!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Moodboard 'I miss you Istanbul......'

I haven't been there for about three years.... I miss you Istanbul..... And one day I'll come back...




Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thinking of........ insanity or no one can tell you the right way.....

I had a meeting with an old friend of mine yesterday. Haven't seen him for ages... You know all those talkes about How are you? What are you doing? What are your plans?.... And he asked - What are you doing now? And my answer was - Handmade things. He told me - Are you insane? It will not bring your a profit! You won't earn enough money by handmade things! So for him I look like an absolutely insane person :))))))) And anyway I can see that people can earn money by handmade things the problem is (as I can see it) you have to sell something original and high quality and also promote your work.....

And also few days ago I've felted my frist beret. It has two sides with different designs on them. My cousin saw it and she asked me - Maybe you should do few berets and sell them as we still have winter and we have a friend who has a showroom full of clothes and people who always come to discover something new. And I've started to think about this idea.... but after yesterday talk I'm not so sure......

So what is the right way? No one can tell you.... You have a feeling about it or you don't have... The answer is always inside....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Can someone tell me the brand name of this shoes? Please!!!! I've fallen in love!

Monday, January 3, 2011

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