About me

Hello I’m Evgeniya and I’m the person behind DemyBlackDesign. I have lived in Moscow, Russia all my life but my favorite country is Turkey as I love the sea and warm weather!

So a bit about me…. All my life (almost all:)) I worked as an HR manager and really loved and still love my profession. I was proud of myself as I achieved a pretty high position at my last place of employment, but….. things are changing….. :) and one day I decided to try something new or maybe I should say almost forgotten old skills :) I used to go to a workshop and do things in batik technique and I decided to start creating things in this style again. So.. as soon as I got some free time in 2010 summer I’ve bought silk, paints and here we are …with my first handpainted pareo, maybe not quite technically perfect but unique and I’ve made it by myself!

So the pareo was the first thing I’ve created and I decided to continue and made few silk scarfs (you can see them in my shop on Etsy) and I’ve already recieved a few custom orders. But I wanted to do more! I have always wanted to try to create some beautiful and unique jewelry. A friend of mine makes some jewelry as well and she was the person who told me about Etsy. Once I opened this amazing site I wasn’t able to close it! :) I’ve been inspired by all those wonderful and original items so I made some sketches, ordered supplies and that as they say was that! And you know the more you create the more ideas you have!

As soon as I opened my shop on Etsy and another one on russian site LiveMaster I started to read a lot of articles about how to promote your shop and decided to open my own blog. Besides jewelry and handpainted silk I’ve started to cook more than before. If someone told me before I’d be so mad about new recipes I wouldn't have believed it!! But right now I so love to try new things and even have a few recipes I haven’t cooked yet as they a bit hard but I’ll know one day I’ll do it! So in my blog you can find info about my crafts and also some recipes. Right now only one but I promise to post more :) Also I’m trying to promote other amazing sellers from Etsy and post some useful information.

So that’s how I’ve started to create something.
I’m pretty sure that in 5-10 years I’ll still be on Etsy and will sell as a minimum several items everyday and who knows probably beside Etsy I’ll open my own off-line shop with desserts as one friend of mine told me – You have to open your own shop! All the things you make are delicious! -But what about jewelry? –Probably you will be the first person who will have both things in one shop :)

And you know nothing is impossible if you really want it!
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