Thursday, February 27, 2014

Personal experience 'Paris'

Hello folks!
As I promised here is a story about my trip to Paris.
It was my first visit to Paris but I visited France before (had a short trip to Lyon). Guys I have to tell you that Paris is not France! Paris is Paris!
Not in love with Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport - just an ordinary big airport with a good connection to the city. If you plan to stay at the city centre I recommend you to use RoissyBus - it'll take you to Opera. 

We stayed at TRYP Paris François Hotel that locates on Boulevard Montmartre - just 15 minutes walk to Louvre. The price is reasonable, the rooms are big enough, clean, with all you might need. I didn't like only two things - there is no free socket in the bathroom which is not helpfull if you want to use a styler. So I used a socket near a bed (as there is a mirror above the bed) but it wasn't very comfortable as there was no enough light. We didn't order a breakfast in the horel as there are enough nice places around where you can have the breakfast, a lunch or/and a dinner.
Usually our breakfast was looking like a lunch ))) with meat and some wine. I highly recommend Bouillon Chartier (where we started our day) - a traditional restaurant with a nice food but if you don't want to spend too much time in the line then you'll better to come around 12 o'clock as the restaurant starts work from 11-30.

What are my imperssions about Paris?

In my opinion Paris is about love and lightness (if that's the right word). A lot of couples walking on the streets with holding hands, kissing each other now and then. No one in hurry (that's definetely not Moscow :)). People sitting in cafes, drinking something, reading newspapers or just watching the life. Great architecture and when you are looking at all those buildings you understand that they saw more than you and they are still here and still watching :)

I also noticed two more things. If you remember the movie 'Pulp Fiction' and the dialogue between John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson about Europe you should remember what Travolta said about France - they don't use ketchup for French fries but mayonnaise. Guys that's what came into my mind right after I got my salad with Roquefort cheese! My salad was with mayonaise! Here in Moscow almost all salads you order in restaurants you'll get with olive oil. If not you'll be aware about that when you are reading the menu. But not in Paris :):):) Another thing I noticed is about a mustard - I got used that if you are in Europe it's impossible to get the same strong mustard as in Russia and I was impressed that in Paris I found a pretty strong mustard (in the restaurant I talked about earlier). 

Another thing I noticed is about Paris underground. I don't know why but they use a bit weird hadles on the doors (weird in my opinion :)). I got used that the underground doors are automatic or they have a button you have to press but this hadle is not automatic.

Can't say a lot about shopping coz this trip wasn't about such stuff but about romantic and enjoying life ;)
Also we didn't visit Louvre (shame on us) :) But we made some photos near Louvre :):)
But the most important thing when you travel is enjoy life and that's what out trip was about! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Moodboard 'Beauty and Musical'

Hello folks! Sorry for silence - had a short trip to Paris (will write about it later this week) and then was a bit ill (nothing serious, just a cold).

Three years ago I've been telling the story about the beauty contest that the company I work for organizes every year. This year the theme of the contest is Musical - a great show that combines dances, songs and beauty! Yesterday was the second round and each and every girl should make a perfomance - a dance or a song. A lot of girls chose 'Chicago' musical but some were more original so you could see Cancan dance (that's where it started), lovely perfomance from musical 'Mermaide' and 'Carmen'.
So today's moodboard about musical and lovely items I found on Etsy. Enjoy!

KALI - Black Swan Burlesque Dress by olgaitaly

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Easy and Healthy Chicken for your breakfast

Hello folks!

Today I want to share a very easy and very healthy recipe I got from a colleague. If you want to have a nice healthy chicken for your breakfast and don't want to spend too much time for such meal this recipe is definetely for you!
All you need is a chicken breast fillet (I usually cook two thus I don't need to think about my breakfast for almost the whole working week), your favorite spices and an vegetable oil (I use corn oil but you can use any you like). So you spread your favorite spices and salt (on your taste) over the chicken fillet, then add 1 table spoon of the vegatable oil and leave the chicken fillet for about 30min - 1 hour to marinate. To save time I always leave the chicken in the same pan I'll put into an oven. When the chicken is marinated you need to put it into the preheat oven (around 180-200 C) for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes all you need is to turn the oven off and leave your chicken there for next 4 hours. After 4 hours take the chicken, slice it and use for sandwiches with whatever you want and like.
My little secret - I cook the chicken in the evening and leave the chicken in the oven till next morning so no need to wait 4 hours ))))

Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Moodboard "Travelling is happiness"

Hello folks!
I love to travel! I love a sound of suitcase's weels....a way to an airport....a seat near a plane's window...
I like to buy a guidebook and read it from the first to the last page and make a plan which places I wanna see and then arrive to a destination and change the plan totally )))) I'm in love with visiting museums and walking on streets, listenning to my mp3 player and making sometimes weird photos... discovering nice hidden places...trying new food...looking for small gifts for friends...drinking coffee and watching locals through cafe's window...I'm ok to travel alone but share a jorney with a right person makes the jorney even better and I'm happy that this Saturday I start my this year trips with the right person and going to discover a place I've never been before.

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