Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday Moodboard 'New Year is coming!'

Hello folks!

Very very soon is New Year and that's the last Monday so again a few words about 2014 year and my wishes for 2015.

I had a lot of plans for 2014 but not all of them came true.

This year I've visited Paris the very first time in my life! In my opinion the city is great - all about love and romantic. Unfortunatelly couldn't visit Louvre coz was busy with something a bit more important ;) Special thanks to a person that took me to Paris :) See you soon in another amazing city ;)

Finally visited my friend Katya. She lives in Halle, Germany - lovely small town. I visited her in April and there was such a nice spring weather that let us not only walk but organize a bbq. I'm not a big fan of Germany but beer and sausages are always great! But you'll never guess what kind of food I brought home )))) - black turkish olives! Just coz it's easier to find turkish shops in Germany than in Moscow :)

Another dream came true this year - I visited Portugal and instead of visiting Lisbon I started to explore this country by visiting Porto! Guys I'm totally in love! In my opinion it's a very friendly city with great food and tasty wine :) I'll come back to Portugal for sure!

This year I travelled less than I planned but it wasn't a loss but a great opportunity to enjoy time in Moscow by having nice meetings with friends, trying new recipes and just enjoying every moment.

This year I also visited a very interesting workshop 'Eco Print' - that's an absolutely amazing technique - you use plants and flowers and every time you'll get an original pattern on a fabric.

This year I added more international recipes to my personal cook book - now I know how to cook arabian pancakes 'Qatayes' and very sweet dessert 'Balah El Sham', tried a lot of recipes from Turkish cuisine and baked Stollen - traditional German Christmas cake.

The best moment of the year - my birthday that I celebrated with mom, cousins and closest friends.

What do I expect from next year?
More trips
More inspiration
And spend more time with people I love...

Happy New Year! Love and peace for all!

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