Sunday, January 23, 2011

Be carefull with your dreams, they come true!

All my life I had a dream - have a dog. And to be honest I still have this dream.... I've been dreaming about different dogs like German Shepherd dog or Collie or Giant Schnauzer. For alst few years it was Yorkshire Terrier )))) yea it looks pretty weird as my taste has been changing many times )))) I also likes Dachshund maybe because my cousin has an adorable dachshund. His name is Shanya and his is so amazing!!!!!!!! I really love him!

And my cousin visited me yesterady and told me a sad story about a girl who has a dog and she doesn't care of him properly. My cousin likes dogs and she is very kind person so of course she wanna to buy this dog and then give him to a good person or sell him to someone good. And she asked me - Do you wanna a dog? He is about 4-5 months and he looks like .......

Milo from The Mask movie!!!!!!!
Jack Russell Terrier

Yes here are still questions  - what if those girl will not agree to sell her puppy? Am I sure I want it right now? And all those questions about food, drugs etc... )))) I'm hesitating as that's a big responsibility and I know myself I won't be able to leave him or not care properly as I always wanted a dog.... So I want it and at the same time I don't know....


  1. That indicates, that you are a careful, good, caring person!
    There is always a risk, in this case - even more!
    There is no rush! At one moment you'll know what to do.

  2. Jack Russels (the masks dog) are great dogs, very smart!
    You'll love it, and will wonder how you have lived all those years without a dog :)


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