Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Moodboard 'Ready for New Year!'

Magic angel from Mdina, Malta
Hello folks! That's the last Monday Moodboard this year so there is no surprise this blogpost about 2013 year and plans for 2014.

2013 was full of good and bad things but I'm coming into 2014 in a great positive mood :) And my statement for 2014 - Dreams come true!

2013 started in Serbia and while I was there I visited few cloisters - I was impressed by how calm these places are and by people that live there - they have great faith inside. Thanks to my friends that made this trip come true.

I'm thankfull for everyone who left me this year. Not going to call their names as don't wanna them back ))))

I'm very happy that this year made my friendship with a nice malteese person stronger. We have known each other better and I hope we'll stay good friends for a long time. Dear I wish you love! You deserve it!

This year I saw an ocean the very first time - guys it's amazing!!!! I'm in love with sea but ocean - just breathtaking!

On my birthday I had the most unusual birthday cake - a date cake with Bengal light and with a view to a lovely sea :)

Now I have one more friend who is funny and smart and understands fashion and crazy about shoes and LV bags (that's the thing we don't have in common - I prefer Gucci :)).

I had a lovely dinner with my cousin and we have some travel plans for next year - sister I love ya!!!!

A friend of mine who is a great woman and a mom advised me to take a look at something interesting and I acquired new knowledge that will help me to make my dreams come true.

Special thanks to my close friends that are always here for me when I'm going to do something crazy :)

I'm so thankfull to all people I met on Etsy - guys you are so talented and so helpful! I wish you health and love and inspiration and success!

And I also very happy that this year gave me an opportunity to share my favorite city Istanbul with someone.... When you love something it's hard to share it - not because you are don't want to share but only because you want another person to see the same you see (and maybe more)! And now I know that someone is in love with Istanbul the same way I am......

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday Moodboard "Magic Time"

Hello folks!
Magic time aka Christmas is more than close and I hope you already got your Christmas tree and bought gifts to your family, friends and other special people. And here are some items that will help you to feel this magic time if you don't have such mood yet :)

Snowflake Winter Princess Tulle Tutu by sweethearttutus
Christmas Photography by 8daysOfTreasures
Christmas Tree Cufflinks by cuffcuff

Christmas Ornament - Hand Painted Glass Ball by schemata

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dedication to Istanbul

In 2011 I started to make some silver jewelry. This process needs more time and more inspiration and it's harder than just put some supplies together. :) So far I have only two rings in my shop 'Rock me' and 'Summertime'. And also I made nice earrings I wear almost everyday - here is the blogpost about them 'I did it!'
 But today I want to tell you a story about a necklace I made this year. One of my favorite city is Istanbul, the place I always feel like I'm home and that's the only place I really miss physically. One day I was going home by local train and llistening to music as usually. I always have shuffle mode in my mp3 player so I never know which song will be next. Those day one of those unexpected songs was 'Ah Istanbul' by Sezen Aksu - one of my favorites. And suddenly an idea came into my mind and I took a paper and a pen and made a sketch - a necklace that reminds me Istanbul. This necklace has a shape of tulip (symbol of Istanbul) with three stones: two blue as sky and sea and one green as trees. For me this necklace is Istanbul.......

Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Moodboard "All about Bags!"

Hello folks!

I don't know about you but I am crazy about bags!!! In my opinion doesn't matter how many bags you have, you always deserve one more!  So here we are with some gorgeous bags from Etsy. All of them are different and for different ocasions but I'm in love with them :) (Dear Santa I hope you hear it ;) )

Hand Stitched Light Brown Leather Doctor Bag/ Carry on Bag by ArtemisLeatherware

Vintage Silver ETRA Round Purse by SITFineJewelry

TOTE - Ethnic by dazzlinglanna

Chic Market Basket by byloomandhyde

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Secret Santa 2013

Hello folks!
As I told you before this year (as usual) I have two Secret Santas. And I got a gift from one of them (Secret Santa from RusTeam) last Saturday. Honestly I'm not able to say how I felt that moment - as a child and maybe even more than a child! I got a bunch of gifts from QuietCreation - amazing decorations for my christmas tree and jewelry. I love then all!!!!! And can't wait the moment to use them!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Moodboard "Visit to Bolshoi Theatre"

Hello folks!

Yesterday I was invited to Bolshoi Theatre -one of the most famous russian theatres. I was there twice in my childhood and remember not much so I accepted the invitation especially as now Bloshoi Theatre open after reconstruction and we had a lot of talks about it - some people are pleased, some not. I was lucky enough to get tickets that are pretty close to the stage (the second row). In my opinion Bolshoi Theatre is still amazing...with gorgeous chandeliers...lovely stairs... And today's mood is about theatre.

Lace overlay trapeze dress in gold by dressmitra

Verdigris, Headdress by MataHarisDaughter

Life Is A Party Dress - Photograph Photography Photo by gildinglilies

NATURAL STRAW Pillbox Beige Hatinator by EllaGajewskaHATS

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Secret Santa 2013

Hello folks!
New Year is very very very soon and this year I'm again participating in Secret Santa game on Etsy. I'm a proud member of two great teams EuropeanStreetTeam and RussianTeam and it means I had to make two gifts. And today I wanna share pictures of the gifts I made. I hope that girls will like the earrings.

For these earrings I used amazing glass beads I bought this summer in Mdina Glass Factory, Malta. Guys I have to confess that I wanted to buy like everything there! So many gorgeous glass beads and each and every bead is unique as they are handmade!

 These earrings were inspired by nature colors - I'm in love with green and orange mix together. It reminds me autumn....when colors are so bright and you still can see summer colors but also see autumn is coming....

Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday Moodboard 'That's all about dogs'

Hello folks!
I haven't written blogposts like for ages and here I am again :)
Today's moodboard about dogs and a bit about russian language. I'm a dog person and even though I don't have my own dog yet I have some favorite items that will fit any dog :) In my opinion there is a difference between 'a dog' and 'dog dog' or in russian 'собака собака' :) I think when you see 'a dog dog' it's about a dog that looks more like a human, you can understand everything by just looking into their eyes.
So here is my vision of 'a dog dog' and at the same time nice items you'll probably will like and buy for your lovely pet or for yourself :)

Einstein the Crazyhaired Dog - 5 X 7 Fine Art Photo Print by gandolphoto

Bow Wow Beds Dog Bed Cover by BowWowBeds

Modern Pet Bed, daybed and lounger by ModPet

The Original Toasty Pet Bed by TheToastyPetCo

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