Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Evgenia Yugene Nazarova
Hello folks!
Today my friend and a very talented russian designer Evgenia Yugene Nazarova is celebrating her birthday. I know her for a long time and very proud to have amazing clothes that were created by her. You also can rent some clothes if you need to go out or have a party and need a special dress for it or you have a photoshoot (as me when I was participating in a beauty contest). Last few years she introduces hat collections - very unique and stunning. Here are few links about her hat collections (sorry that the links on russian but you can see the hats):
Summer 2013
More hats from Yugene

                      I'm also very proud that once I was a part of her hat design - I made felted pancakes that later became a gorgeous hat - you can see a part of the process and the result on the pictures.

Happy Birthday Yugene!!!!!!! 

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