Friday, January 17, 2014

Thinking about Summer

Hello folks!
It's still winter but my mind is occupied by Summer already! :) And I've started to plan where I'm going to celebrate my birthday this year. It'll be somewhere where is a lot of sunshine, tasty food and an absolutely romantic atmosphere I'm going to share with someone special ;) Not going to call the place right now so stay tuned ;)
And as I am a girl I'm thinking about what to wear )))) Honestly I don't know this summer trends so suggestions are welcome but I choose few lovely dresses from Etsy that are gorgeous and I think fashion is more about your own style and mood.

Sassy me dress by cocoricooo

floral tonicia white dress by OblivionClothing

Bohemian Lace Dress by sandrachagen


  1. Charming and original dresses!
    I think that by the summer you will definitely find yourself outfit.
    On the Etsy huge selection of dresses.

  2. Beautiful!! Thank you for including my item:)


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