Friday, June 27, 2014

Selfish Friday :)

Hello folks!

Today is my birthday so I can afford to be selfish )))
And here are few things you maybe haven't known about me and also some photos :)

 - I like to drink a coffee with a slice of lemon - kinda weird but love the taste
- I always have cheese and lemon in my fridge
- I get my inspiration not only from nature but from Harper's Bazaar magazine as well :)
- The biggest successful moment - the oportunity to sell my design worldwide and I also have 2 returning customers who did pretty big orders :)
-  Few years ago I wrote poetry but no inspiration to write since then ))))
- A friend of mine is pretty sure that I'm an alien ))))
- I'm a happy person coz of my family and friends - guys thank you a lot for all your love and support!!!

And I wish everyone who's reading this post health, love, inspiration and courage to be yourself no matter what!

Here are my favorite photos of my father and mother

 In my childhood all children were with green spots all over the body and face coz of brillian green antiseptic ))))

That's not a boy but a girl!  Me in summerhouse :)


Very traditional photo - I think everyone from Russia has something like this. And I'm wearing my favorite dress with blue and red stripes

Each and every girl is a TOP model :P

When you have a rafting trip you need to wear a lot of life-saving stuff :)

 That time we coudn't lengthen hair so beauty was more natural :)


  1. Sweet post about your life :)
    Love the pic of your father!
    And happy birthday! :)

  2. You have the pretty looks of your mother! Happy B-day!

  3. Beautiful life story post! Happy birthday!
    Xenia :)

  4. Happy Birthday Demy!

    Great photos!

  5. so cool post :)
    Happy Birthday to you :)

  6. What a sweet post! You looks a lot like your Mom. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy birthday and all the best

  8. Happy belated Birthday! great post, love all the pictures :)


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