Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Moodboard "What do you love about Summer?"

Hello folks!

It's Summer finally! And that's the season I love most of all!

What do I love about Summer?
First of all that's warm weather with a lot of sun and blue sky. I like to meet my friends and enjoy nice evenings on open terraces drinking something cold....
I love summer coz I celebrate my birthday in the end of June. For me that's one of three very important days (beside my birthday there are also New Year Eve and International Women Day). When I was a child it was kinda hard to invite all my friends for my birthday as usually most of them where going to summerhouses.
I love summer coz you wear lovely dresses and skirts and don't need to look like a cabbage (we have cold winters and sometimes you need to wear few layers of clothes)
Unfortunatelly I don't live near a sea but we have few lakes around the town and sometimes go to a lake to swimm and have a bbq :)
I like to start my summer in spring and finish it in autumn by go to some warm countries thus I have a feeling that my summer lasts longer than just three months :)
I like to watch how summer changes its color by flowers...Each and every month has different color coz have different flowers...
I love summer berries pies - they are light and tasty and very fresh.
Summer is also a time when we make some homemade stuff like jams or salads that you keep in the fridge and then open during the winter to enjoy all that tasty berries and vegetables that summer gives you :)
Oh and of course Ice Cream! Impossible to enjoy summer without an ice cream :)

And what do you love about Summer?

Nature photography by butenasPhotography

Monogrammed Hot Pink Wide Brim Sun Hat by TripleACreations

Poppies photograph by BeatriceLechtanski


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