Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Moodboard "What do I know about Porto?"

Hello folks!

As I'm travelling again this week, here is the post about my next destination - Porto, Portugal.
What do I know about Porto?

Porto also known as Oporto, the second largest city in Portugal and located along Douro river.

Porto VII. by vlad

One of Portugal's internationally famous exports, porto wine, is named for Porto. My favorite porto is Ferreira Towny as min 10 years old but I'm going to try other porto wines and going to visit a wine cellar as well.

Vintage Porto Wine Print, Art Deco - Portuguese Poster by BelugaStore

In Portugal you can also see amazing blue-white ceramic tilework, called 'azulejo'. The way how you pronounce it ( [ɐzuˈleʒu]) is another thing I like about Portugal - portuguese language and how it sounds :)

Portugal Blue Azulejo Tiles Replica CHANDELIER EARRINGS PORTO Blue by Atrio

I promise to write a post about other stuff I'm going to discover about Porto, when be back
So stay tuned ;) xoxo

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