Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Moodboard "Spring in Germany"

Hello folks!
I just came back from Halle, Germany yesterday. I visited my friend and we spent a really great time together. Not all planes where done but we done a lot! We where walking around the city and in a park that is close to her home. We went to a market in the city centre where you can buy some tasty food and buy flowers and/or some fresh fruits and vegetables. We spent some time with her husband's colleauges - went to play billiards and went to BBQ in the park. The weather was just great! Warm and very comfortable. It's spring in Germany! With flowers on the trees and with camomiles and dandelions in the grass. So here are few things I saw in Germany during the weekend )))) Enjoy!

Almond trees are covered by flowers

I even saw lilac flowers!!!!!

You can buy rhubarb on the market

I'm in love with ranunculus not less than with tulips


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