Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday Moodboard 'That's all about dogs'

Hello folks!
I haven't written blogposts like for ages and here I am again :)
Today's moodboard about dogs and a bit about russian language. I'm a dog person and even though I don't have my own dog yet I have some favorite items that will fit any dog :) In my opinion there is a difference between 'a dog' and 'dog dog' or in russian 'собака собака' :) I think when you see 'a dog dog' it's about a dog that looks more like a human, you can understand everything by just looking into their eyes.
So here is my vision of 'a dog dog' and at the same time nice items you'll probably will like and buy for your lovely pet or for yourself :)

Einstein the Crazyhaired Dog - 5 X 7 Fine Art Photo Print by gandolphoto

Bow Wow Beds Dog Bed Cover by BowWowBeds

Modern Pet Bed, daybed and lounger by ModPet

The Original Toasty Pet Bed by TheToastyPetCo

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