Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Moodboard "All about Bags!"

Hello folks!

I don't know about you but I am crazy about bags!!! In my opinion doesn't matter how many bags you have, you always deserve one more!  So here we are with some gorgeous bags from Etsy. All of them are different and for different ocasions but I'm in love with them :) (Dear Santa I hope you hear it ;) )

Hand Stitched Light Brown Leather Doctor Bag/ Carry on Bag by ArtemisLeatherware

Vintage Silver ETRA Round Purse by SITFineJewelry

TOTE - Ethnic by dazzlinglanna

Chic Market Basket by byloomandhyde


  1. Сумки это отдельная тема в жизни женщины :) Эти сумки, которые ты показываешь , очень особенные, каждая с характером . Может Санта принесет тебе одну из них.

  2. This Market Basket is the best one!


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