Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Moodboard "Color Therapy"

I've started to work at an office recently and almost all women there wear black and grey..... That makes me depressed a bit and I need color therapy immediately!!!!!

Lilac Gypsy Pinafore top by AllThingsPretty

Pink -IN THE SQUARE-Handmade Origami fiber earrings by Hagarae

Silk Flower Brooch. Fashion Jewelry Pin. Beautiful Blues by sesenarts

Nuno felted Wallet by Filzwunder


  1. Beautiful collection of fiber goodies. Thank you so much for including my silk brooch. Julie

  2. Yippee for colour! Any colour as long as it keeps you cheery :-0) Thanks so much for thinking of my Gypsy top as part of your healing, ha.
    Love Debra (AllThingsPretty)

  3. What happy choices! Wearing these should make work more fun!

  4. Thank you so much Demy!
    It was such a nice surprise coming home and finding this post!
    Now I am going to tour your Etsy shop and blog!


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