Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Moodboard 'Beauty Contest'

This weekend my company had a corporate event - not an ordinary dinner but a Beauty Contest! And it wasn't like others contests as each and every girl showed a circus trick! It was pretty impressive! And of course the winner got an amazing tiara and pretty nice prize (a car).
And you know I'm pretty sure that each and every woman is a real beauty and we don't need any contest to prove so just choose your own tiara and wear it everyday!!!!

 Tiara by deLoop

Tiara by peacelovevintageshop

Tiara by motifcaprice

Tiara by BridalBlooms


  1. Such an interesting event you had, Demy, I have never been at the parties like this

  2. all such lovely finds ... thank you for including me :)


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