Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday Review - 'The Big Short' / Обзор по-понедельникам "Игра на понижение"

 Hello folks!

Haven't been here for ages but I'm back! :)
And as usually I'm here with a movie review. The movie 'The Big Short' caught my eye coz of Christian Bale - I've started to track movies with him recently.
The movie tells a story about 2007-2008 crisis and based on a true story. In 2005, eccentric hedge fund manager Michael Burry (Christian Bale) discovers that the U.S. housing market is extremely unstable, being based on subprime loans that are high risk and providing fewer and fewer returns. Predicting that the market will collapse sometime in the second quarter of 2007, he realizes that he can profit from this situation by creating a credit default swap market, allowing him to bet against the housing market.
I won't say more as you must watch it!

and as usually few finds from Etsy.

Всем привет!
Давно меня здесь не было, но я вернулась! И как всегда по понедельникам, с обзором кино.
Фильм "Игра на понижение" привлек мое внимание тем, что в нем снимается Кристиан Бейл, актер за фильмами которого я стала следить в последнее время.
Фильм рассказывает о кризисе 2007-2008гг. и  основан на реальной истории. Действие картины начинается в 2005 году. Финансовый гений, управляющий хедж-фондом Майкл Бьюрри (Кристиан Бейл) предчувствует, что американский рынок ипотечных кредитов может скоро лопнуть. В связи с этим он страхует около миллиарда долларов своих клиентов через кредитный дефолтный своп.
Не буду раскрывать дальнейшие события фильма ибо его надо смотреть!

И как всегда несколько находок с Итси.

Felted circle scarf by AureliaFeltStudio
Leather Lace-up Mens Brogues by MDesignWorkshop

Vintage Mens 70s to 80s Jacket by nowvintage


  1. очень интересно, спасибо!

  2. Thank you for the post! I have definitely been meaning to watch that one.

  3. The movie doesn't seem my cup of tea but I do like your finds :)

  4. Interesting! I will watch the movie! Thanks a for sharing!

  5. So interesting! Dont know about this movie before.

  6. I have that movie on my to watch list already!

  7. I haven't seen the movie as the subject was so unappealing to me but everyone who's seen it seems to love it...I'll give it a try too then and well, Christian Bale anyway ;)

  8. I've haven't seen the movie but I did see the trailer! And Christian Bale seemed to do an amazing acting, as always. I might watch it soon...

  9. Thank you for the recommendation, it looks an interesting film!


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