Thursday, March 6, 2014

Simple and delicious Pear, Chocolate and Hazelnuts Cake for International Women's day

Hello folks!

Not all people celebrate Intrenational Women's Day but here in Russia we do! And for some foreigners it can look as a pretty crazy event :) Flowers that you can buy on an each and every corner (just be aware about the high price). Men are looking for gifts and also thinking about what to bring to women they work with and sometimes it's pretty tricky as there can be more women than men (like in a department where I work). Women think what they'll wear to the office coz they will celebrate this day for sure. People celebrate this day not only in restaurants but at home as well and cook nice food and of course bake (or buy) a cake.

So today I brought you a very simple recipe. Guys believe me even a man can bake this cake coz it's easy! And I hope that your man will bake it as a nice sweet gift for you. :)

So here we are with Pear, Chocolate and Hazelnuts Cake. If you have any question - just ask.

1 large pear
125 gr of  crushed hazelnuts (you can use your favorite nuts. I use almonds sometimes)
200 gr of flour
1 teaspoon of a baking powder
175 gr of butter
100 gr of sugar
2 eggs
100 gr of black chocolate
10 g of vanilla sugar
Flour and butter for form greasing


Preheat the oven to 160C.
Remove the skin and the core from the pear, cut into cubes.  Chopp the chocolate.  
In a bowl mix the flour with the baking powder, vanilla sugar and add the softened butter. Knead the butter with the flour by a fork till combine. Then add the sugar, the eggs and mix it.
Add the cutted pear, the chopped chocolate and the crushed hazelnuts into dough and mix it.  
Grease the form with the butter and powder it by the flour. Pour the dough into the form and  bake 50-60 minutes.
Turn the cake out on to a rack to cool (about 15-20 minutes), then take the cake out of the form and allow to cool completely. It's even better to allow to stand it the night thus it won't crumble when cutting.

And don't forget to enjoy!


  1. This sounds very good, I have never baked with pears yet. Dark chocolate is my favorite so it's just a perfect recipe for me! Thank you for sharing!

  2. It's looks very delicious! I must try it! Thank you!

  3. I baked it yesterday and it was very good. I had to adjust it to our measurements and baked it in the mini bread's shapes so I've got 3 delicious little cakes. Great recipe, thanks!

  4. Looks yummy! I will definitely try it :)


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