Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Moodboard 'Live in Peace'

Hello folks! Even though it's Monday (the craziest day at the office I work at) I feel peace and just enjoying lovely sunny summer day )))) Wish you the same!

"Ghost of a Rose" by CaryeVDPMahoney

Heart Dish by PorcelainJazz

Hanging Garden Lights by treasureagain

Original Landscape by TheExpressivePalette


  1. I like this mood very much! Reminds me of a cool, breezy, cozy evening somewhere...

  2. This is a lovely collection! Your selections and your blog are wonderful! Thank you so much for featuring my landscape!

  3. Like your color palette. It is very lazy summer twilight in its feel. Thanks for including my heart dish.

  4. that's a nice inspirational photo's- relaxation ;)X


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