Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Silent protest for Defending Genuine Handmade

To be honest I've never participated in any protest. Maybe I thought  - that's not my bussines, maybe I weren't believe that something will change after all....
But right now I am totally in Silent protest! Just because I know we are able to get our voices be heared! Even that will be silence......

All we want is Etsy to be a place for real crafters not for resellers.

4000+ shops participating!

What is happening?

- Etsy sellers participating put their shop on vacation this evening (9/5/2012), Central European Time at midnight.

- We write a note in shop announcement and in auto reply to explain what it is about: "This store will be closed on May 10th in solidarity with legitimate hand crafters and artisans."

 - We publish this evening one treasury. Only people from Protesty list. We add tag 'Handmadesolidarity.'

 - We search this evening all Treasuries with tag Handmadesolidarity and C&C

- We add the T's here (EST members only) :

1 comment:

  1. oh.. I'm solidarity this protest!


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