Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Do the work...stay out of the results.

I've just read it on Etsy Do the work...stay out of the results.

"Sales....Circles...Network....Tweet....Renew...Oh My!

I am still fairly new to this whole world of creating and selling said creations. Don't get me wrong.I am having a great time learning how to run my little shop, take photos, network, show in galleries, etc. I did feel a bit overwhelmed yesterday, so I went to visit an artist friend of mine. The business side of this process has really been a downer and I needed David to cheer me up. He is a very successful ceramic artist, but kind of a hermit. I arrived at his home studio where he was already sipping sangria at 10am and glazing a stunning sculpture piece. He is a shy man, who works in his studio, gardens, goes for hikes, and has a very small circle of friends. No website, no Twitter, no Facebook, no cell phone! I pointed these facts out to him and asked him how he promotes himself without these things, yet still has top galleries showing his work, collectors, television features, and consistent sales. He pointed out to me that he also has, a modest house, a used car, and a simple life.

David: "If I wanted to be rich, I made a poor career choice. I do my work, put it in a few places and let it be. It takes time."

Me: "What if you don't want to be rich, but you want to be able to live and do what you love, but there is so much competition out there. I feel like such a small fish in this huge pond. I'm afraid I will never be seen. I haven't even sold anything yet during this Christmas rush. I've hardly sold anything period!"

David: "Do the work, stay out of the results"

Me: "What the heck does that mean?"

David:" You are a small fish, deal with it. Just do your work, do it well and with integrity. Do the work to please yourself and maybe the rest will come, maybe not. Maybe you always drive a used car. Maybe you don't sell and have to work two jobs, so what! You work just to sell...you kill the spirit!"

Me: "But if I don't sell my work, I don't feel like I can call myself an artist."

David: "What would you say if I told you, You are not a woman?"

Me: "I would beg to differ."

David: " What would you say if I told you, You are not an artist?"

Me: "I would probably be hurt."

David: "There is your problem! Fact...you are a woman, yes? To say different would be laughable. You would laugh at my stupidity to say otherwise! Yet I say you are not an artist and it hurts you because you don't believe it is fact! If you don't believe how will anyone else believe? You are too worried about results! Do the work little fish."

I poured myself a large glass of sangria."

I think that's true! We are to worry about how to sell that we almost forgot why we started to do all these things! I've made wonderful handpainted scarfs and earrings but still no sales. And I've started to ask myself what's wrong? Why don't people wanna buy them? I know I have to be patient but anyway did I create something ugly? Nope!  So where is the answer? I don't know.... I'm just pretty sure I'm doing the best I can and I can't stop myself from creating as I'm full of different ideas and I'm so happy that right now I have time for it!
So let's start just create and don't be so mad about the result!


  1. Great article! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Very true! Great article, I may have to take some of that wise man's advice... Thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. I came across this in the forums too, very inspiring. I think it's something we should remind ourselves of every now and then. :)

  4. oh wow! that is some very deep piece of advice from that sculptor. thank you for sharing this inspirational conversation. this moves me.

  5. Jaya Glad that you liked this post. Life is about to find your own balance and just be happy.


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